How to Toggle the AirPod Pros Noise Cancelation On and Off

Toggle AirPod Pros Noise Cancelation on and Off
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One of my favorite features about the Apple AirPods Pros is the noise cancellation feature. I wear my AirPod Pros without music playing to help me focus when working just for the noise cancellation. The only problem I have is that sometimes I touch them accidentally, changing the Noise Control from Noise Cancellation to Transparency mode. When this happens, I often forget how to switch its Noise Cancellation back on.

There are four ways to turn the toggle Noise Control on your AirPod Pros.

  1. Siri
  2. On the AirPods
  3. Through Control Center
  4. Settings


The easiest way to change the Noise Control from Noise Cancellation to Transparency Mode or vice versa is by using Siri. Just say:

  • Hey Siri, turn noise cancelation on (or off).


Another way to turn toggle the Noise Control is on the AirPod Pros directly.

  • Hold down the groove located on the stem of your AirPod Pros
  • Once you hear a chime, your AirPod Pros have switched to Transparency/Noise Cancelation Mode.

Control Center

You can also toggle Noise Control modes from the Control Center on your iPhone.

  • Open your iPhones Control Center
    – On Touch ID Phones, swipe up from the bottom of the phone
    – On Face ID Phone, swipe diagonally down from the top right
  • You will see the AirPod Pro icon on your volume control
    – Note: AirPods must be connected to iPhone
  • Hold down volume control
  • A screen will appear with your Noise Control options. Choose the one you want.


The last way is to use the settings on your iPhone.

  • Go to Settings
  • Bluetooth
  • Click the information icon ( The blue i with a circle around it to the right)
  • Under Noise Control, Choose the mode you want

I hope this guide helps you as much as it does me to remember how to fix the settings for noise control on my AirPods.

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