Thank you for taking the time to check out my website and taking the time to learn more about me

A quick overview of my professional experience, I have over 10 years using various CRM platforms both as an administrator and as an end user. These experiences led me to learn more about different CRM platforms and ultimately lead me to Salesforce.  I have multiple Salesforce certifications and I am working on earning more.  I am very passionate about using Salesforce to create solutions for business and technical problems. 

I have worked in different and diverse industries including Education, Entertainment, and Logistics.  These experiences have taught me the value of customer service, leadership, problem solving and personal development.  All skills I am skilled at, but continue to develop, as I believe in continued improvement.  Above all, these high paced and often stressful environments have taught me how to be patient and how to stay focused in the middle of chaos.

I created this page to show the skills I have learned and to allow you to join me on this journey of knowledge and growth