How to Enable Person Accounts in a Salesforce Developer Org

Enabling Person Accounts

While building out a new project in my Salesforce Developer org today, I ran into an issue I had never experienced before. Today I use a Person Account for the first time. In case you are unaware of what a Person Account is, I have provided a definition. Person Accounts are commonly used in B2C businesses instead of Accounts to represent the customer since it is not a business.

A Person Account — is a record that stores information about a person by combining specific fields from the Account and Contact records into a single record.

Now that we know what a Person Account is, how do we enable them in our developer org? Previously you had to submit a help ticket direct to Salesforce to have a Person Account enabled in a developer org. With the Summer 22 release, Salesforce implemented this feature into the developer org.

How to Enable Person Accounts in a Development Org

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