How I Got into Salesforce

How i got into Salesforce

Short answer: my wife.

Long answer: before COVID, I was a touring LED/Video Tech for a small production company. As Technical Director, I did everything from work shows, drive a truck, PM, and became the accidental admin of the CRM we used. After everything shut down because of COVID, I started looking for something different, and I drove a truck for FedEx doing Linehaul. It is a good job, not overly complicated, and it’s easy to see what you have accomplished at the end of the day. While I did not mind the job, I wanted something different.

Pre-COVID, I was on the road and always traveling for my job. While I enjoyed it, it was unsuitable for my marriage, and I wanted something different. My wife, being the wise woman she is, suggested I look at Salesforce. Being the stubborn man I am, I thought I could figure it out alone. About a year and a half later, I watched her solve a problem I had experienced in my previous company using Salesforce. I was amazed at how easy and powerful Salesforce was.

I immediately Googled Salesforce, signed up for a Trailhead account, and became obsessed with solving all the previously encountered problems with Salesforce. I realized how much fun I had taking my two favorite things, business and technology, and using them to solve problems.

Once I started getting involved in the Salesforce community, I was amazed and overwhelmed by how friendly, and helpful everyone was. Never have I been around such a supportive and knowledgeable community. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and supportive. I immediately decided to work harder to be a better part of the community.

This led me to learn as much as possible about Salesforce and become a certified Salesforce Administrator. Now I spend as much time as I can studying Salesforce, working on certificates, building solutions in my dev org, and documenting what I have learned.

I should have listened to my wife sooner.

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